Friday, May 15, 2009


I heard a cool simple testimony today from David Pawson, it really is a caring way that God treats us. God even cares about the little things.
Praise God for the Brits! Many wonderful preachers have come from England.

-Pawson bought a railway train set and brought it home one day. He always liked trains right since he was a boy. He wondered whether it was right for him to have bought it. One day a lady came up to him and stated that as silly as it sounded she believed God told her to tell Pawson that God wants him to take up a hobby to relieve stress.
Pawson went away and prayed about it and said to God... if that word was really from You and You are speaking about my railway train then please send me a donation towards it today as a sign.
That lunch on the same day a business man whom he didn't know came up and said God had laid something on his heart that he could not get rid of. He gave him a check saying it was for his railway train set! LOL.

I thought it was funny :) Testimonies are all over the place. I hope to collect them up as I go along...ones that I can be sure of, as in making sure they are from as far as I know honest people and generally at most, first or second hand...not tenth hand. Mind you George Muller stories are fascinating! Check him out.

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