Thursday, April 28, 2011

David Wilkerson is with the Lord

How sad and yet how hopeful it is when people pass away; Yet, Paul says that absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, Hallelujah!
David Wilkerson is author of the famous "The Cross and the Switchblade" and founding pastor of Times square church.
Truly a great guy that God has used and still uses today. He is known as God's Watchman.
From my knowledge he is the type of guy I look up to and admire; especially his relationship with God. He is someone that spurs me on to seek God deeper and deeper.

Thank you David for all you have done and praise God!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Richard Dawkins Interviews Wendy Wright


Quite entertaining. I found this from Ray Comfort's blog and I must say some serious face palming in places as they say! and regarding BOTH parties. The interview is about the benefits and deficits of evolution on people.

The interview was fascinating, both brought good points but Wendy kept dodging some answers by Dawkins and Dawkins kept on claiming evidence for evolution as if it were proof.

Commonality may be evidence for evolution if someone is in the mind set to believe it, but commonality is certainly not proof... good point Wendy.
In my opinion Dawkins was right and Wendy wrong that there is evidence for evolution, it is whether it should be considered as gospel is the question.

I also loved the point that Wendy brought that controversy should be taught and encouraged when it comes to evolution or design. Scientists aren't the only ones that should have opinion, even they are subject to their pre-conceived world views.



Photo by EricMagnuson

Matisyahu is an Orthodox Jew who pens reggae/rock music. It is not normal reggae in that he really does have a Jewish sound to his music and doesn't really sound much like a rootsy Rastafarian unlike Christafari.
I use to think he was a Messianic Jew but from my understanding he is an Orthodox Jew. Much of his lyrics are based on the old testament and the Psalms; so he still holds many biblical principles in his messages.
When I listen to his music I get the impression he is someone who seeks God. I can only pray and hope that he comes to know HIS JEWISH MESSIAH... YESHUA not as a blond hair blue eyed western Jesus but a Jewish messiah prophesied beforehand by His people.

Have a listen and I hope you enjoy his music as I do! Here are three of my favourite songs of his.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Eastern Lamp Mussel

famous gacka river
Image by Helti

I found out about this amazing creature by watching a dvd called "incredible creatures that defy evolution 3".
NOTE: I cannot remember the name of the mussel but this mussel is closest to the one I observed on the dvd. The one I observed on the dvd may have been a relative.

This particular mussel has a very unique way of reproducing, in fact it is highly specific. The female mussel mantle looks like a minnow fish. It pumps water through its mantle and causes it to actually look like a little fish swimming in the water, it even has what looks like a mouth at one end opening and closing!
The reason it does this is because it is trying to attract specific varieties of fish (4 in fact) to come and eat them. The mantle has little mussel larvae on it which will attach itself to the predator fish. The hard part is, is that at a split second just as the fish goes to bite the mantle (and you know how fast they bite), the mantle has to react and fling the tiny mussel larvae into the water surrounding which then allows the mussel larvae to attach to the gills of the predator fish.
The larvae live there for a month and then drop to the ocean floor. It has to be on specific types of fish or else the little larvae die!

The questions that need to be asked is:

a. How did this mussel variety ever learn to be so quick as to be able to reproduce?
b. What did they do to survive when and if there was no bass, bluegill or sunfish?
c. How did this mussel learn or develop itself so as to look like a minnow? It even has two spots that look like eyes!
d. Looking at the evidence at hand, is it more likely that they were designed like that or that they happened to develop themselves like that?