Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Soccer World Cup 2010

This is way off topic considering what I usually post about. I am sure there must be some soccer fans around here?
I grew up playing soccer for quite a few years and thoroughly enjoyed it. Wish I could play again someday...
Well, I am from little NZ and this is the second world cup that we have managed to be a part of. For us, just to be there is like winning the cup. Just the other night my family and I were ecstatic at the draw NZ had with Slovakia who is ranked far above us in the world standings. It really was not a good show of football (sorry NZ) but I am still glad that we are there and managed to play (at times) some good football... and to win our first ever point!!!! Maybe I am too use to watching the likes of Germany? NEway, if NZ don't win, I say go Germany.
I love their display of football, it makes soccer so beautiful as it should be, by playing as a team.
Mind you, I hear Holland and Spain are favourites for the cup which will be a hefty challenge for Germany.
Poor old England aren't sounding to great and Brazil was not entirely convincing.

What do you make of the world cup? Who do you support?