Thursday, April 21, 2011


Photo by EricMagnuson

Matisyahu is an Orthodox Jew who pens reggae/rock music. It is not normal reggae in that he really does have a Jewish sound to his music and doesn't really sound much like a rootsy Rastafarian unlike Christafari.
I use to think he was a Messianic Jew but from my understanding he is an Orthodox Jew. Much of his lyrics are based on the old testament and the Psalms; so he still holds many biblical principles in his messages.
When I listen to his music I get the impression he is someone who seeks God. I can only pray and hope that he comes to know HIS JEWISH MESSIAH... YESHUA not as a blond hair blue eyed western Jesus but a Jewish messiah prophesied beforehand by His people.

Have a listen and I hope you enjoy his music as I do! Here are three of my favourite songs of his.

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  1. Not Bad, One Day actually reminded me of Bobby McFerrin.