Thursday, May 28, 2009

Covenants of the Bible

Here is a fascinating talk from David Pawson on the convenants of the Bible. Thanks to some cool person putting it up recently on youtube.

In it he also talks about many things:

-The goodness of God,
-The Jews,
-Even gives a few brief evidences for the existance of God and testimonies.
-Ultimately it is a good description of why we are here as people and an overview of God's plan throughout history.

Remember to check him up on everything he says with the Bible. I will try to do the same.
David Pawson is typically against the grain of some popular thinking. He is known for his stand on the Bible as the Word of God and for his no compromise on what it teaches. He has said in the past that Greek thinking has damaged the church and that we need to come back to the Bible and have an untainted Hebrew view of God. Note also that he does not like to use Bible verses because he is frustrated with how people throw little texts around which are taken out of context. so he talks about chapters rather or books of the Bible. So if you want to find it you have to do some reading and gain an understanding for yourself...quite challenging and exciting :) LOL

On the whole I agree with him although for myself I will seek to understand some particular issues.

He seems to have a way of explaining very well and helping people to understand. He is easy to listen to.

The talk goes for a bit over 2 hours, but for those who are seeking, it is a well worth two hours of thinking. I pray that every person able to view this will one day have the excitement, experience and knowledge that they find in accepting Jesus Christ as their Messiah and Saviour, finding the source of all nature...God.
(There are 15 parts)



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