Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bible problems

I have been increasingly impressed about how the more I study the Bible the more I see answers to so called "problems".

Especially in regard to the goodness of God in the Old Tesament.

I am coming more to understand that if you want to find problems in the Bible you will find them. But if you care to think twice about it and do study and grasp a better understanding of God then you find answers. It is a personal choice.

In science you repeatedly test substances. Why not come to the Bible with the same attitude. If there is an answer to a problem then why ignore the answer.

For example in one of the gospels it says that two thieves beside Jesus mocked Him.
Another gospel says that one of the two repented and got saved.

Immediatly this looks like a contradiction but when you think about it it is not. One gospel is just telling a part of the story that one man mocked at one stage but then decided differently and asked to be saved.

For me this is more not less evidence that the Bible is the real truth. If it were just a made up story by a group of evil controling men then if I were them I would have made it appear to agree more. But in fact it appears to have been written by different people with different styles and emphasize different points.
The Bible is an honest book. When it comes to accounts of its' heroes, it tells about their faults. Like Noah, was found to be the only one righteous in the era before the Flood yet after the fantastic story about his faith...he ends up drunk and naked in his bed and humiliated.
It doesn't seem like a story made up. It reads like reality.

I don't mean to sound like I have all the answers because I don't. I just want to say I am more and more amazed at the content of this Book...God's Word...the Bible.

I don't mean to worship the man but David Pawson I highly recommend listening to. I have been going through some of his commentaries on the Bible and found that he talks about everything...even many of the Bible "problems". Just about everytime he points out something I didn't see regarding a "problem" and makes it perfectly understandable.

In Psalms the Bible says to mark the blameless man so I will, though no one is perfect :)
David Pawson started out as keen Christian before he went to a Bible College. He said that he was taught to cut and paste the Bible and that you could not believe all of it. He said this nearly damaged his faith in the Bible but not in God.
He continued in faith rearding the Bible, I would now say he is one of the greatest Bible teachers of our time.

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