Saturday, August 1, 2009

Blog Spotlight

Hey peoples,

My fiancee runs a blog and puts up a lot of her art work that she does. She is completing a degree in visual arts this year and is focusing on illustrating children's stories and currently is working on a book to be published. You can find her artwork here:
Esther's blog

Do check it out.
I am soo proud of you Ess!


P.S. Feel free to leave a thoughtful comment... :)

Hope you all have great weekend!


  1. Dan,

    OK. I have checked out her work and it leaves me with one simple question.
    What is such an attractive and talented young lady doing hanging out with the likes of you?

  2. In todays world where everything under the sun is called art, it's refreshing to peruse actual art created by an actual artist. She's definately talented.

    However, I feel I'm have a problem with my comment. The fact that I actually agree with froggie. Mark this down. It probably will never happen again. LOL ;-)

    G-d Bless you and the future Mrs. Da Bomb ;-)