Sunday, August 23, 2009

2-3 weeks

Hey everyone,

Thank you for all the discussions so far...
The next few weeks I am going to take a break from blogging and will focus on getting a 2000 word essay written for a paper at uni.
It is called "belief and the existence of God".

Should it turn out alright I will aim to post it on here.
Feel free to discuss among yourselves should you desire.




  1. Hey Dan,

    That's funny. We'll be leaving for two weeks also in a couple of days. Good Luck on your paper.

    Shalom my brother,


  2. Have a good break and good luck with the essay!

    Heehee, I remember having to write 2,000 word essays; I do not miss those days...

  3. Good luck, take your time. Have a good break also, it does the body good to rest and sit with your own thoughts.

    @Matt, I am considering doing them again. Part of me wants too and part of me doesn't but I have a year to decide.