Friday, April 24, 2009

Commentary on Isaiah

I was listening to David Pawson's commentary on a part of Isaiah (chp 12-24 somewhere around there) today at work, it was so interesting. Isaiah was an amazing tool God used.
There were so many prophecies coming true about all the nations around Israel at the time. It was interesting hearing the context of them aswell! Also ones about the future of the nations. Many even after his lifetime had come true!
There is a thought. I recon that the existence of Israel as a nation today is evidence to the existence of God. So many people over the centuries have tried to willfully kill off the Jews but they failed. All because God will not break His promises to them. He is faithful!

How is it that Israel is able to defeat surrounding nations in the six day war in just six days!
The war of independance was a similar situation, but Israel had nothing. A miracle!

I hope (God-willing) to do a post summarising cool prophecies or something like that one day...when I have time.

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