Friday, December 28, 2012

The Past Year

Well, haven't blogged for AGES. I thought I would do a catch up on what I have been up to.
Over the past year a lot has happened. My wife's brother married my sister earlier in the year lol, we had this photo taken at their wedding. My wife did gallantly! the previous day she had miscarried our number two, and she was the maid of honour. Our little son Simeon is now nearly 2 years old, currently potty training him. We also have another one on the way in March :)

We sold the sports car because My wife and I planned to start business growing orchids and was offered a fantastic deal to get into it. We are sad about it and yet in some ways I am relieved that it didn't follow through. It was going to be a lot of hard work to get it making money so I weighed it up and decided it wasn't worth it.
I am looking to find a different career to enter and get some diversity under my belt. With the way the world is going flowers/orchids may not be the best venture to enter into. I have decided that I am interested in taking a step in another direction and am considering doing a degree while my family is still young.
The degree I am looking into is in social service. I am quite interested in working with and helping people (I know completely different from working with orchids). Apparently it is on the shortage list for skilled personal in NZ so I am pretty sure the job opportunities will be good. Just looking into more information about it at the moment. I hear it is a lot of stress, so one thing I will need to learn is the need to leave work behind, leave the stories and situations I am involved in behind, before I come home to my family.

LOL, I was looking over some of the past conversations I had years ago on here. Quite entertaining and I must say I wince at some of the stupid things I said lol. But you live and learn.... I hope so anyway :)

If any of you are still hanging around it would be neat to catch up and see what you all are up to these days.


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