Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Miracles by our Lord

Church Exterior
Photo by Louis Du Mont

Last Sunday my wife and I decided to visit my old church that I grew up in to show friends our little Simeon who has just entered the big wide world. But what was cool was that there was a testimony time for people to share from the congregation regarding the miracles that God had done for them. So I would like to share some of them!

One young guy who is my brother's friend had broken (or similar) his foot a week or so ago and he was un-able to run on it because of the pain. His foot was swollen and he could see where a bone was sticking out a little. He went to a prayer meeting and people prayed for him to be healed and as they were praying he said he could watch it as the swelling went down and the bone under his skin come back into place! Exciting :D

There was a guy that I did not know who could provide medical verification of his healing. His arm was disconnected from his shoulder in a way that he could not lift it very high at all. He was prayed for and he was able to move his arm freely around like a windmill. He went to the doctor and the doctor told him that what he was able to do was impossible after seeing the scans of what it was before. The doctor told him he would have to send his patients to a prayer meeting in the future lol.

Another guy I know who works with my dad and was my science teacher at school had a couple of tests that showed he had high blood sugars. He was worried it was diabetes and so he was prayed for and he went back for a conclusive test and came back as normal!

Cheers God, for the mercies You perform for us who do not deserve Your mercy!

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