Sunday, March 27, 2011

Jon Foreman

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If you haven't heard of Switchfoot (a great band :D), they are an alternative rock band who are sincere Christians but I would not call them a "Christian band" since they wanted their music to be universal... fair enough, kind of like Jars of Clay. It makes them less "cliche-ic" and is not as full of Christianese in their lyrics as many other Christian bands.
The lead singer for Switchfoot had taken a little side track and wrote some solo albums while still heading Switchfoot back in 2007-2008.
He took a different angle to switchfoot and went nearly all acoustic and wrote challenging and personal songs in a rather unique way. He used many different types of weird/different instruments which make the listen quite an experience.

I really love his music, if I just chuck on one of his albums and have a listen, it really can be an incredible a time of reflection on life. He likes to tackle quite deep facts of life, some pleasant and some not so pleasant, not hiding behind colourful roses and peaceful gardens. Probably one of my favourite artists these days.

and a more obviously christian one:

Have a listen : )

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