Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I have no idea what to title this...

Wow, its been a month or so since I last posted something... hmmm. I look forward to having the internet a little more accessable.
Running thoughts, final was the boringest games ever. Not much football was played. The best game was the third place match where both teams seemed like they were simply having fun!

I am currently part way through No Doubt's sermon found here: http://www.hittheriver.com/SermonFiles/062710.mp3 and am enjoying it so far! Isn't it weird when we imagine what someone sounds like and then actually find out what they sound like LOL. Your preaching good No Doubt!

I have recently been informed that one of my favourite preachers "David Pawson" may be coming to my little home town sometime next year! Can't wait. He is in his 80's so I hope he can make it.

And my fingers are frozen at the moment typing on this keyboard; it happens to be winter here in NZ.


  1. Don't worry man, we all understand that you are extra busy keeping warm. *cough*

    And yes it is very cold. and I left my gloves at work yesterday was not a good walk this morning!

  2. David Pawson visiting NZ?
    I wonder if he'll spend time here in Australia. The last I heard he had determined not to come back to this part of the world because of his age and the distance.
    Please keep me informed of any developments.

    On the subject of David Pawson, I recently ordered a set of 10 sermons on CD from an ICEJ-UK conference in Britain. 2 of the sermons are by Mr Pawson.

    Yesterday I got an email to say that 9 of CDs have been sent out to me, but one by David Pawson will be sent later.

    The reason for the delay? All ten were ready to be mailed when Mr Pawson himself rang the distributor asking for a copy of that CD, so they took it out of my order and sent it on to him!

  3. What do you do BT? (as in work).

    Hey Tim,

    I will keep you posted, but I am not entirely sure whether he is coming. One Pastor in our city told me he was coming so I am assuming he is correct.
    I hope you get your cd soon :) I got David Pawson's entire mp3 sermon collection for my 21st, even ones from back in the 60's! Hours and hours that I can listen to at work. I am really enjoying them.

  4. I am a software tester for Catalyst IT.

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  5. Cool! sounds interesting. Totally the opposite to the job that I do lol.