Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Gospel, using U2

This is a pretty random post.

I bought a U2 cd while on our honeymoon and have been thrashing it. I have heard U2 lots before but I have really come to enjoy their music and I think they would have to be musically one of the greatest bands ever, well, for me anyway :-) I don't know if he would be what I or the Bible would call a Christian, but I will leave that between him and God.

It would be cool fun to do something a bit different and attempt to write a gospel message using titles of U2 songs mixed in. I have no idea whether anyone will bother but I challenge anyone to see how many U2 songs they can recognise in the gospel message. I suppose this would be the band to do it with because almost everyone knows U2.

Here it goes:

Back in the day when God made people, it was a beautiful day. But people decided to go their own mysterious ways and ignore what God had instructed them to. Ever since, man has continued walk on down the same path building towers to push open the window in the skies to be like God. Pride entered man's heart.

Thankfully a Saviour, Jesus Christ, came to stamp out man's pride (In the name of love). He came to teach you and I that some times you can't make it on your own. “Stuck in a moment you can't get out of” is our hearts anthem, we needed this Saviour to save us from our sin and take our penalty of death on Himself. New years day is when we try to get right with oursleves but we need to look to God to make us new people, a people with a new desire. Though I still haven't found what I am looking for, one day I will see what I have been looking for and that is a place where we can be one and whole, good and righteous where sin will not abound.

But we need to leave where the streets have no name, leave the desert in which we are lost and come home. “I will follow” should be our cry, follow Christ not just in word but in deed.

One day our miserable selves will be God's sweetest thing. We will be in elevation when Jesus returns and one day the saints are coming and we will join them to be with our King forevermore. God will either leave with or without you. Which will you choose?

Leave this vertigo and walk with our Maker.

How many U2 songs are in there?


  1. My wife and I met at a U2 fan club meeting about 20 years ago.

  2. Hey Dan,

    I'm so sorry for not responding. This silly computer would let me surf but not leave any comments. Could it have been divine intervention?

    One of my favorite U2 songs is "When Love Comes To Town"

    They are definately a good band as long as you don't take Bono too seriously. :-)


  3. By the way, how's married life treating you?

  4. Married life is great! We got to see bubby on a scan which was really cool.
    LOL "When love comes to town" is the song that my boss poked fun with by playing it for me at work when I first started courting Esther : )

    I quite like "where the streets have no name" and I even like "elevation" . lol. Too many that I like.