Friday, January 1, 2010

Waipu Highland Games

New Year's Day was an awesome time this year. My family and I went to what is called the Waipu games found here

It was a day based on Scottish games such as athletics, throwing a big stone (like shotput), casting a hay bale or similar over a high bar, also they throw as a competition what they call a "caber" which is a long wooden poll...different though cool.
My little sister who is 13 came second in a sprint race! and my little brother's 10 and 8 also had a dash. Though poor Jeremy (ten year old) was a bit late for the ten year old's race so he joined in with the 12 year old boys...he being a little fella even for ten fell in last place though not too far behind the others. I was so proud of him for giving it a go and should it have been 10 year olds I think he could have possibly cleaned up, though short, he is a speedy little fellow.
So cute to see the 4 year olds race! Most of them have no concept of winning, they just run with big grins on their faces! LOL.

I have a few Scottish roots so it was neat to be part of that day and I even managed to find our clan the Stewarts! We even got dog tags :D with their emblem on it. It is so amazing to consider where we all come from, all the different countries and cultures.

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