Sunday, October 11, 2009

Promise Keepers: Returned

Hey guys,

I'm back from a wonderful time at PK.
I heard some awesome speakers and testimonies of miracles and God working in people's lives... and many got saved! One guy shared his testimony about how he was an alcoholic and drug addict who started/joined (can't remember) a gang in Wellington. He went to prison and had a contract to kill his wife.
In prison he sought God and in this particular moment God revealed Himself to Him and he was saved. This guy was healed from alcoholism and addiction to drugs. He also could not read or write, but God gave him the ability to read and write!
Another trophy of grace, someone who found God and found purpose in Him.

I found it really quite amazing to be with 2,000 guys or so and sing to the Lord and worship Him together.

In reply to the following about PK, I will share what I have learnt.

BeamStalk said...

It is pure evil Matt....

It is all about being a "man of the Bible". Knowing the roles of males and females according to the Bible. You can flesh it out from there.

I learnt:
1. To love and honour God with all my heart and will
2. To love my future wife unconditionally. To look after her and look out for her needs. To be a good husband to her, one that will be faithful to her.
3. To be a good future father. To spend time with my future kids, to love them and bring them up in the ways of God. To be a good example to them, a person they can look up to.
4.To support my fellow brethren in Christ, to help one another and keep each other accountable.
5. To be sexually pure before God. Reserving ourselves for the wife He has/will bring along for us.
6. To honour and support our leaders.
7. To pray faithfully for our family etc.
8. To spread the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission, to share the good news of Jesus Christ dying for our sins and paying the price for our trespasses. To share the good news with the broken hearted, that they may be whole.

On a side note:
I was watching an arm wrestling competition between two guys and one guy broke his arm! I heard it go crack! Insane. Some of those guys were extremely strong.
A couple of other injurys happened but all was good and we had an awesome time.



BathTub said...

Wow, they are still around? went to one of those like 15 years ago or so.

Try make it along next year BT. I'll pay for you if you like.
PK is well alive.


  1. Hey Daniel,

    I finally tried to hear the "debate" between Lennox and Dawkins. Wow man, what a boring exchange. They really did not have any conversation. Lennox just repeated the same shitty apologetic irrational tirades. These tirades, by their design, are made so that it would take forever to set things right. Anyway. Boring as hell, and nothing new.


  2. That's alright, thanks for watching it.

    Dawkin's Apologetics (defences) for his book I thought were shocking. It was one of the first debates I had ever seen.

    I really enjoyed listening to the debate and hearing Lennonx challenge Mr Dawkins on his book. I am surprised you didn't enjoy it since you obviously like discussing things and thinking?
    Lennox I thought gave Dawkins a real run for his money, Lennox had the stronger agruments in my opinion.

    It is good listening to people well worth listening to, boring or not.

  3. Daniel,

    Did you really need to go to some camp to learn those 8 things? They seem pretty obvious to me.

    Well, except all the God-stuff...

  4. LOL Matty,

    Many things I learnt, I already knew. However I can learn new ways to do those things that I already know Eg. How to be a better husband.

    What do you mean by obvious? Many in the world around us don't seem to find it obvious, or if they do they don't follow them.