Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

I just saw this film recently

Have any of you guys seen it?
I thought it was one of the most powerful point making movies I have ever seen! It really reveals the reality of the Holocaust, not just the Holocaust, but all the people involved around it. It shows the relations between the supporters of Nazi Germany and the opposes...in Germany, also the ignorance of some was revealed.

May God bring justice...and yet, may He also bring mercy on the repentant.



  1. It's on my list of films to see - and I don't see many these days.


  2. No but I have seen Nackt unter Wölfen

    An East German film, from 1963 filmed in an actual camp, which was pretty surreal.

  3. Wow, that Nackt unter Wolfen sounds really tense trying to hide a boy from the SS!
    Another great movie along these lines is "The Pianist" with Adrian Brody (2002). That had some horrific stuff in it.

    I think it is good that movies like these are still being done, least we forget.

    It is sad that some people today deny it all.

  4. Hi Dan! Awesome blog mate! Yep, say BISP last week... saddest movie I've ever seen. GBU

  5. You haven't got Rob Bell on your 'Bible Teachers' list... (Must be an oversight)

  6. Hey Burton,

    LOL, there are many preachers I like, including Rob Bell (from what I have heard), but there are some I have heard more of to recommend.