Thursday, July 9, 2009

My 21st

I had my 21st a little while ago, it was such a cool time!
My parents did a wonderful job in putting it on for me. So many friends and family came and shared encouraging words, of which I am sooo blessed.

We had skits, humour, music, sharing and food!
Thanks Micheal for the humiliating story. LOL
And my darling sisters for also singing a duet for/about me:)

I could not of asked for a better 21st.
Sad you couldn't make it Cantareus...though here are some photos.

Thank you for everyone who was involved!


P.S. Sorry about the photos being all over the place. Can't help it. They like placing themselves in random positions and not according to my orders :)

(I'm the guy in the beanie, and a stripe on my green jersey)


  1. Happy Birthday!

    I remember my I don't. :(

    Many happy returns my friend, it looks like your family put on a great show for you.


  2. Looks like you had lots of fun :) Sorry I couldn't make it. I think I'll be back up north during the study break which is still a while away. 10 weeks or so probably, catch up with you guys then.

  3. I'm Glad you had a great day, looks like you had some fun :) I have a present for you but I would like to give it to you over email. Mine is and if you'd prefer to keep your's private, you can make a new one at for free just so I can send it. I'll give you a hint, it's something you can put on your blog and it's related to this post. It's nothing to big but the idea came to me and I thought it would make a nice little internet gift :)

  4. Here KL:

    Hmmmm, I was trying to work out that site, I suppose you could send it to that address I guess, it is a little confusing.



  5. I just sent the email, I hope you like them :)

  6. I know it's late, but Happy Birthday. May G-d Bless you and enrich you with a long life.

    By the way, you and your fiance' make a good looking couple.

    Ki orech yamim u'shnos chaim ve'shalom yosifu luch

    "For they add to you length of days and years of life and peace."

    Lechaim ve Shalom,