Thursday, July 9, 2009

Antony Flew's testimony

Here is a testimony by Antony Flew himself on his belief in a deist god.

He is not a christian yet, although I pray that he may come to know Christ! He was one of the world's leading atheist philosophers and changed his mind, he is now a believer in a deistic god.
He has participated in many debates with people including C.S. Lewis and many others.

To find out why he changed his mind then watch the following:
(1 part, approx 2 minutes)

another video:


  1. psssttt... your an anti-atheist.... I wasn't here, you didn't see me.

  2. ppsssst... Ok, I didn't see, nor hear you... thanks for stopping by...

    No, I am not anti-atheist LOL, good grief. I am anti-atheism. Just want to clarify that, which I am sure you know already.
    It is athe-ISM that I have a problem with...people tend to take up the title so their arguments get the end of my theistic stick.