Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Little over a week to go

Well, a week to go till Esther's and my wedding day.

The last month or so has been sooo busy, preparing for the wedding and setting up accommodation for us both. So this is where the absent posts have been of late. We are cooking and preparing all our own food which has been rather cool. We did some indian cooking classes several months ago so we are using our newly found knowledge to prepare yummy curries of different soughts for some of the meal at our reception.
After the wedding on the 13th of March we will be away for a couple of weeks on our honeymoon. So the posts will be absent then also.
Ahhhh. Happy times.

It has been really great to get to know you all. (christian/messianic Jew, atheist, agnostic atheist and deist etc)




  1. At least you've got a good excuse for your absent blog posts! :)

    All the best with the wedding, mate. Serving up homemade curry is a genius idea!

    Take care and be sure to put up some wedding pics when you get the chance (are you going anywhere for your honeymoon, if you don't mind me asking?)


  2. Hey guys,

    Many thanks!

    We plan to go to the South Island and travel around Southland etc. We are keen Lord of the Rings fans so we thought we would visit a few sites down there in the making of the movie. Funny how I have been to Israel and never to our own South Island? I hear it is beautiful and very different to the north so Esther and I would like to go there together.


  3. Hey Dan,

    One more week and you down for the count. LOL.

    In all seriousness, entering into marriage is one of most incredible steps you'll take in this life. As you know, Karrin and I have just celebrated our 30th anniversary and she is still my best friend. I hope and pray that you and Esther continue to grow together with the G-ds love. That's is what will make your relationship very special and blessed. Don't let it go stagnant and always talk and above all study and worship together. I want to look at her 50 years from and honestly still say, I love you and your still my best friend.

    Shalom and L'Chaim

    Your Brother,

  4. Keith,

    Congratulations on your 30th anniversary!

  5. Thanks Keith!

    It makes me so happy to hear of people like you and your wife who have done and are doing the 30 years and more... It is really encouraging to us young folk when we look up to people like you, who really encourage us be in for the long run.

    I like the Ecclesiasities verses (I forget where, I think 9?), it states that a three stranded cord is not easily broken...I take that to be, God-husband-wife.

    May you have many more blessed years in your marriage!

    Shalom L'ata gam.
    V'gam Baruch Ha Shem!


    I'll aim to get some wedding pics up in the future.

  6. Psssst! No Doubt!

    "It is really encouraging to us young folk"

    I think he's calling you old!


  7. Ha Ha,
    I thought that as I wrote that someone might pick up on that inference :)

    LOL, Since it has been raised I'll use this topic to share my thoughts on this topic.

    Firstly, I think Keith has already self declared himself as older in previous posts on this blog. So it seems he is not ashamed to admit that he is older than I.

    Secondly, I am getting married and am in my early twenties. By circumstance it sounds like Keith is a lot older in relation to me so I would be a youngin to him. Though he may be a young fellow in relation to others :)

    Thirdly, it is an honour to be older is it not? The Bible and general cultures speak well of, admire and honour older people...not so much in our culture these days...sadly. How can I look up to someone who has been married for one year as apposed to thiry? How can I look up to or learn from someone who has not walked the path I am about to take?


    cheers Matt,


    P.S. I have no idea how old you are Matt although I get the impression you are older (with many possible variations of the word ;)) You seem knowledgable but I don't know really, you just seem more mature than a young guy.
    I am sure you have and will share lots of gems to younger people.

  8. Matt and Dan,

    I love you guys too. :-)

  9. Good Luck and God Bless the both of you.

  10. Seems like this is gonna be a big week. Congrats to you and your spouse-to-be :)

  11. All the best to you and yours. Cheers from an even older guy in Vienna, zilch

  12. All the best Dan.

    I myself have a fantastic 20+ years relationship, and going strong.


  13. Learn how to say 'I'm sorry" first thing evey morning as you're getting up. She'll ask what for and you can tell her "for everything" I'm going to do today or not do today or think about doing today. LOL My key to 45 years of bliss.

  14. Hey there,

    covnitkepr1, photosynthesis.

    Cool, all you guys are a great testimony for commitment.