Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Free Books by John Lennox

I am giving away two books by John Lennox called:
"God's Undertaker, Has Science Buried God?"

I have not read the book as of yet (only a chapter on evolution) but I plan to. John Lennox comes across to me as a well qualified and respected man from what I have seen. I was very impressed with him in his debates with Richard Dawkins.

John Lennox in this book invites us to consider whether science has buried God or not and whether science points toward atheism or not.

Some info from the back cover:

"John C. Lennox MA PhD DPhil DSc is Reader in Mathematics at the university of Oxford and Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at Green College. He has lectured in many universities around the world He is particularly interested in the interface of science, philosophy and theology. He and his wife Sally live near Oxford."

Quotes from other people about the book:

"As an agnostic in the true sense of the word as "not knowing", I found John Lennox's book intriguing and providing much food for thought...This is a well written and thought-provoking book and will contribute to reasoned discussion on a fundamental question."
Alan Emery, Eritus Professor of Human Genetics, University of Edinburgh.

'This short book is more than just a critical analysis of the deep question posed in its title. It is a scientific detective story, which keeps the reader on his toes as the evidence is put in place bit by bit'.
Keith Frayn, Professor of Human Metabolism, University of Oxford.

"God's Undertaker is an important and topical contribution to the debate and questions about the origin of the universe and its physical laws, the origin of complex biological design and the purpose (if any) of mankind".
Chris Paraskeva, Professor of Experimental Oncology, University of Bristol.


1. War of the worldviews
2. The scope and limits of science
3. Reduction, reduction, reduction...
4. Designer universe?
5. Designer biosphere?
6. The nature and scope of evolution
7. The origin of life
8. The genetic code and its origin
9. Matters of information
10. The monkey machine
11. The origin of information
191 pages.

I would like to offer these books primarily to atheist/agnostic friends who follow my blog should they like a copy. If not, then any other atheist/agnostic hanging around is welcome to have a copy.
You can send your mailing address to my email ( and I will send it to you.



  1. Da Bomb,

    That is an extremely generous offer, I must say.

    I would actually feel bad taking you up on this - it wouldn't be cheap to send a package from Kiwi-land to Moose-land!

    I'll leave it for a bit in case any local atheists/agnostics take you up on your offer. If it's still standing in a few days then I'll say 'yes please', but only if I can send you something in return.


  2. Well EPM,

    Moose-landers need to hear about God too :)

    I don't mind sending it to is a pleasure. If the only way you will receive it is if you send me something then that is in your domain to do so.

    All sweet.


  3. BT,

    You want a free copy?
    What am I suppose to do with multiple them all one by one and see if they say something different to the previous one I read? LOL

  4. EPM I could send Da Bomb something in trade perhaps for you if you wanted something like that, save you some postage. Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne perhaps? I would need to finish reading first I guess.

    No I don't want a copy, I personally have a very low opinion of John Lennox and have no personal desire to read an entire book of his.

    Why do you have multiple copies? Someone else couldn't find people to give them too?

  5. Why do you have multiple copies? Someone else couldn't find people to give them too?

    Na, I like him from what I have seen and so I bought several copies of his new book on special. I have already given one away.
    Do you know if he is an old earther? I am pretty sure he is or sounds like it anyway.
    He seems to be the type of guy to take evidence as it comes...that is credit to him.

  6. Without digging too much into it I think it's safe to say he's a Evolutionist. Or at least a theistic evolutionist, otherwise Dawkins wouldn't have debated him.

  7. Na, I think he is more a progressive creationist maybe? Dawkins debated him three times. I suppose for many agnostics and atheists that should be in his favour, because as you know, Dawkins won't debate just anybody...not Ray Comfort anyway unless some dollars are included LOL.

  8. Dawkins doesn't debate Creationists, that's a rule he's had since the 80's.

    The charitable donation was the prerequisite for Dawkins to break his rule.

  9. So challenging someone to debate who has had a public rule 'no creationists' for 20 odd years could be taken a fairly insincere challenge.

    Plenty of people don't want to debate Ray.

    Then when one of these people who never wanted to debate him in the first place, turns down an offer, Ray puts out a press release!

    Berkley Students who didn't want to debate me won't debate me! and in the same press release he say 'No one will debate me!'.

    He actually says 'I wanted to go to oklahoma but no one will debate me' When he knew that Abbie Smith in OK wanted to debate him.

    Lots of people are ready and willing to debate Ray for Free.
    Aron Ra (awesome Youtuber), Matt Dillahunty (Atheist Experience), Abbie Smith (ERV blogger/Grad Student), and a like a dozen formal offers through his blog usually starting 'I couldn't find any other way to contact you...'

    It's took a public youtube campaign to get Ray to talk to Thunderf00t, and that was only because Ray stuffed up and forgot to delete Thunderf00ts offer (which he had to submit to rays blog)

    Ray flat out ignores people who want to debate him, but if he extends and offer and someone turns it down? Quick to the PR Machine!

    Ray doesn't get to claim the high road on 'debates'

  10. Da Bomb,

    If the offer is still open, I'd like to take you up on it.

    I'm planing on doing a chapter-by-chapter review of the book on my blog (could be an interesting project!)

    In return I'd like to send you either Why Evolution is True by Jerry Coyne or The Greatest Show on Earth by Richard Dawkins. Your choice.


  11. Sure EPM,

    I don't know who Jerry Coyne is but I am sure I would rather his book than RD's :)

    If you want to save money on me...I have recently bought a book by a Christian evolutionist to see his view of things... I assume he believes macro-evolution.

    I'm planing on doing a chapter-by-chapter review of the book on my blog (could be an interesting project!)

    Sounds good,
    Hopefully a balanced review...but knowing you, you will give credit where due.


  12. The book is,

    "Creation or Evolution:
    Do we have to choose?"
    by Denis Alexander

  13. Thanks for the offer, BathTub, but I'm more than happy to go Dutch on this one.

    I'll drop you an email when I get the chance, Dan.

    I did some reading on the book you mentioned (Creation or Evolution) and found that AIG don't like it....therefore, it's probably really good!

    Let us know how it goes.