Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exodus Revealed

This movie is about the Exodus route from Egypt that the Israelites may have taken.

I was shown this video this evening and found it rather thought provoking. Earlier I gave a post on Bob Cornuke and his discoveries at the Jabal al-Lawz mountain. It is was quite convincing I thought about his findings.
However this video has different people finding the same locatoin with the same discoveries! This video was made earlier, in a way it verifies what Bob Cornuke found. This video gives a different crossing site to Bob Cornuke and I think this one is more convincing. They go diving and find what they believe are chariot parts at the bottom of the crossing they proposed (including video footage and photos).
I saw the full version of this video and I managed to find an edited one on youtube...I do not know what they edited out but either way I found it rather compelling.

4 parts (approx 40min)



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